Our Team

Like our children, our teachers are a mix of different nationalities that represent the diversity and inclusion of the UAE.  Our Director is American, with a BA in Technical Writing and an MA in English. Our Lead Teacher is American with an IPC qualification.  We also have a classroom teacher from Bangladesh, with a UK Cache Level 3 qualification, and two Arabic teachers, one from Syria with a Cache Level 3 qualification, and one from Yemen with five years of teaching experience in the UAE. Moreover, we employ a full-time MOH-approved nurse from India, teaching assistants from America and the Philippines, and cleaners from the Philippines.  In addition to their expert qualifications, our Director and teachers hold collectively over 35 years of teaching experience.

Our Teacher/Child Ratio

Our children are divided into four age groups. The groups and each one’s teacher/child ratio is delineated in the table below:

Group Age Teacher / Child Ratio
Daisies 4 months - 1 year 1:3/4
Bluebells 1 years - 2 years 1:3/4
Tulips 2 years - 3 years 1:6
Marigolds 3 years - 4 years 1:8