What We Believe

Our Vision

Our passionate, creative, and dedicated team aims to give our children a delightful beginning in a loving safe haven, where they will grow to feel appreciated, respected, and motivated to become self-confident, school-ready children who value their self-worth, individuality, and cultural identity.

Our Mission

Using the foundation of the EYFS curriculum, innovative resources, and contemporary research, our qualified, trained, committed team shall communicate and collaborate positively with parents to nurture and educate our children through fun, explorative, and safe approaches that cultivate a love for learning and enable them to achieve expected milestones and established learning outcomes.

Our Values

At Over the Rainbow Nursery we are committed to the following values:

Faith – A voluntary belief that Allah (God) knows and guides all of our actions and that our submission to and worship of Allah will result in rewards in the hereafter, thus motivating us to deploy righteousness, perform good deeds, and advocate for the oppressed and vulnerable.

Respect – The fair, equitable admiration and appreciation of others regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, or culture.

Trust – The belief that others will honor their promises and commitments, speak truthfully, and behave ethically and righteously.

Cooperation – Helping others and working together with open, transparent communication to achieve common goals.

Fun – Playful, amusing enjoyment for the benefit of others.